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is on the cutting edge of the pre-employment, background screening industry. We provide background screens throughout the United States and in over 100 countries.

Our researchers are professional, diverse, educated, and experienced. We can assist your organization with your background screening needs. Moreover, we understand that you have time-sensitive hiring needs, and we meet those needs by expeditiously providing thorough background screens.

Our capabilities have no geographical boundaries. We provide background screenings throughout the United States – and the world.
We understand that, as a client, you need completed background screenings expeditiously. Whether an applicant is here in the United States or in Malaysia, you can depend on our impressive turnaround time.
Our researchers are educated and experienced; however, we also have an aggressive training agenda. In a constantly changing world, we have training standards that keep us ahead of the curve. Training is one key element, among others, that contributes to our success.
In conjunction with innovative, secure, technological capabilities, we extend to our clients the best products and service this industry has to offer – and beyond. This means our clients receive world-class background screenings.